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Patrick Hill

Patrick Hill Cage Fighter

A man of very few words but with his record of 5 - 1 and having fought on some more than respectable shows he lets his fists do the talking.

Those few words were collected up and written down by Louise Holloway.

Pat Hill
Name: Patrick Hill
Age: 23
Location: Eltham
Trains: Team Titan

My names is Patrick Hill, I'm 23 and live in Eltham on my own.
I have got 2 brothers (who are twins) and I'm really close to my mum.
I fight at lightweight semi pro with a record of  5-1. 
I got into MMA a couple of years ago through my friend Luke, he trains at Team Titan in North London, I went with him one day, stayed training there myself and have never looked back.
Team Titan based in Edmonton, North London is said by many to be one of the top Mixed Martial Arts Gyms in the UK. Jon P
My Last fight was in November and as disappointed as i was to lose, it was the first fight I had ever lost!
I've had a few really good fights in the past few years and i really enjoyed my fight on UCMMA as most of the time it was stand up, which i prefer so it suited me.
 I have fought on Lockdown, CFC, WCMMA and UCMMA which for me is  good to be able to have the experience as no two shows are the same.
I'm injured at the moment so recovery is my priority right now, I but will definitely be fighting at some point within the next 6 months as I am itching to get back into action.
You asked me If there is anyone in particular i'd like to fight. To be honest I don't have time for people calling each other out. 
I just wanna take good fights with decent opponents.
To finish up we asked if there is anyone he would like to thank he told us.
There are too many boys down my gym to name anyone specific in a shout out of thanks and  there's plenty of talent down there and we are all a team.
I Love to go watch other fights and other events , especially when i'm not fighting.  My friends Luke Newman and Ash Grimshaw are, and have always been my biggest support, they've been there for me from day one and they helped in making  me believe in myself.
So there you have it. Patrick can be found on Facebook
Team Titan can be found online by clicking HERE which will take you too their website or on their Facebook page by click HERE
Patrick Hill

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